Our Services

We provide an array of specialised services to meet the demanding requirements of our clientele.

Expat Support

  • Residence and commercial property selection
  • Residential security
  • Emergency response
  • In country briefing/training

Labour Broking

  • Executive protection officers
  • Male and Female officers
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Surveillance and Investigations
  • Embedded management

ICE Line

  • A 24 hour single point of contact in emergency situations, available on a full time or short term basis to suit your needs

Secure Travel

  • Secure travel and journey management
  • Country briefing and assessments

Crisis & Security Consulting

  • Risk and threat analysis for corporate and individuals
  • Physical security reviews for commercial and residential
  • Business continuity planning
  • Corporate governance structuring
  • Review of governance processes
  • Audit against governance structures
  • Risk Reviews

Specialised Security Training

  • Situational awareness
  • Hijack Management
  • Self defence
  • Continuation training

Asset Protection

  • Static asset protection
  • Moveable asset protection

Facilitation of Specialised Service Providers

  • Assessment of need
  • Tender adjudication
  • Contract oversight
  • SLA management


  • We recognise the demanding lifestyle of our clientele and have introduced a high end concierge service to facilitate everything from your day to day needs to once off requirements. Our extensive networks allow us to assist you with a wide range of additional services to ensure your needs are met whether locally or abroad.